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Changemaker Inspiring Change

Seema Wadhwa
Director, Healthier Hospitals Initiative

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Derek Parker receive the Changemaker Award at CHD's Healthcare Design Conference.

His acceptance speech was unlike any other I had ever listened to – partly because it was less a speech and more an interview, but mostly because it was so raw and real.

There were indeed some sound bites that made me have to mentally pause to process because they were so insightful, such as “Design is a journey of discovery.”

Or his story about listening to the difference between playing the notes versus playing the music. Some thoughts that really made me ponder:

“When patients are at hospitals are they looking for clues, such as what will be the quality of care received based on cleanliness and friendliness of the staff?”

“What clues are we giving patients about living healthy lives with facilities that are filled with fried food and other health-impacting practices?”

“Hospitals are not hotels – there is a significant difference – patients don’t have a choice to be in a hospital, and are frequently in a vulnerable state … what business are we in?”

Hospitals are in the business of healing. This is a big responsibility and opportunity. We don’t have room to fail or money to waste, because there is so much healing to do. The best clients are those that:

  • Are open minded
  • Are value based
  • Have integrity
  • Are transparent
  • Challenge

Being the best client means getting the most from your service provider.

Thank you to Derek Parker for being an inspiration and inspiring others to make change! 


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