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UW Health engages staff in Earth Day video

Practice Greenhealth asked Mary Evers Statz, UW Health’s energy management and sustainability program director, about the Earth Day video they created.

How did you conceive the idea to create a UW Health Earth Day video?

I stole the video idea from Iqbal Mian, our Practice Greenhealth member engagement manager. I loved that this could be a way for employees to engage with the new sustainability program. The video would not just be for Earth Day. I showed Iqbal’s video to our medical director of sustainability and our marketing team, and the plan to make our own was approved.

How was your video produced?

The University of Wisconsin Media Solutions Team professionally produced the video with sustainability department funds. We spent eight hours in clinics and our largest hospital interviewing staff. It took about 8-10 hours of editing, adding music, photos, and polishing for Media Solutions for the 3-minute video. 

How did you distribute and promote the video?

We added the video to our websites and shared through electronic communications, including social media. We showed the video to our patient and family advisory council. It was used for new employee orientation along with our signed sustainability commitment from our CEO.

What was the feedback from your staff?

Our Media Solutions Team did such an incredible job making it look so professional. Patient and staff feedback has been very positive. It helps reinforce sustainability is part of their everyday job and our culture.

Would you do this again and why?

The biggest challenge was convincing people to go on camera. Yet since this was so successful, I would like to produce another video. One concept I have been considering is to ask medical and nursing students why sustainability should be important to UW Health and their future clinical practice.

Join Mary and others for the annual Practice Greenhealth Earth Day sharing call at 1 p.m. ET Feb. 27.


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