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The Top 13 Environmental Concerns for Medical Products

Beth Eckl, Director of Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program

The top 13 environmental concerns were identified in order to standardize what is an environmentally preferable medical product (that does not plug in or have a battery). This “Top 13” list is publicly available for use in supply chain considerations, either as RFP questions, as questions to ask on value analysis forms, as a scorecard, or to include in specifications. Ask your purchasing department to consider the Standardized Environmental Questions for Medical Products, v1.0. Click here for environmental questions.

To signal markets and simplify purchasing, Practice Greenhealth organized its members through the Greening the Supply Chain Initiative to define what is an environmentally preferable medical product compared to a traditional one. It is broadly defined as a product used to diagnose, treat or care for patients (excluding electronic medical products - anything that plugs in or has a battery). Working with five GPO members, Practice Greenhealth’s Business Leadership Coalition, several hospitals and health systems and nonprofit organizations, the team identified the most important environmental considerations to health care for a category that could apply to thousands of medical products (positioners, trocars, respiratory products, consumables, etc) to create the top 13 environmental attributes. These cover natural resource conservation, chemicals of concern, waste reduction and packaging considerations.

If you’d like to participate in updating this list and expanding its use, email Beth at


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