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Sneak Preview: Green Employee Benefits!

By Lauren Kleinman Koch, MA, MENR, Outreach and Engagement Specialist

Practice GreenhealthAccording to 2014 survey from NSI Nursing Solutions, Inc., employee turnover rate for the health care industry was 16.5 percent and the average cost of turnover for a bedside registered nurse (RN) ranges from $44,380 to $63,400. That’s for one nurse!

As health care continues to find ways to cut costs, employee engagement is an underutilized strategy in the sector. In the Practice Greenhealth white paper, Sustainability and Employee Engagement - A Winning Strategy, it outlines the opportunities to engage employees in sustainability work at the hospital. Employees who have the opportunity to make a direct social and environmental impact through their job report higher satisfaction levels than those who don’t, by a 2:1 ratio. Think about the decreased turnover rates that can come from more highly engaged employees—and that doesn’t even take into account the increased productivity rates that come from an employee feeling like the mission of the organization aligns with their personal belief system!

In the next installment from Practice Greenhealth, there will be a menu of offerings referred to as Green Employee Benefits—providing incentives and programming for employees to improve the health of their homes, families and friends as a way to extend the “culture of caring” beyond the walls of the organization. The Employee Home Solar discount toolkit will be re-booted to include some new data and information, and there will be three new offerings launching in April 2017 around Earth Day: Fossil Fuel Free Retirement options, CSA for Employees, and Electric Bike Discounts.

Stay tuned, and reach out to Lauren Kleinman Koch if you’re interested in providing Green Employee Benefits to your employees!


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