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Sector Performance team to drive sector transformation

Practice Greenhealth introduced its new Sector Performance team this spring. This team was formed to centralize Practice Greenhealth’s commitment to determine the best ways to assess, quantify, track and compare health care sustainability performance as a means to drive sector transformation. A primary focus for the new team is to gain a better understanding of how health care and other sectors collect and use data to drive results, how other sectors are measuring sustainability and CSR performance—and how Practice Greenhealth can use that knowledge to support our hospital and business members in improving environmental performance. 

Team Members:

Cecilia DeLoach Lynn, Director of Sector Performance and Recognition

Christopher Bodkin, Data Coordinator, Sector Performance and Recognition

Sector Performance Updates:

  • The 2015 award applications are now available in PDF format on your Awards Dashboard. To access, go to, login and click on the facility name and click on PDFs. You can download all of the pages as a zip file or download a page individually to share with a team member.

This summer, the Sector Performance team is working on generating Metrics and Benchmark Report Cards for hospitals who applied for the Partner for Change award. Reach out to your Member Engagement liaison if you would like to set up a time to talk about these reports. To learn more about the kinds of sustainability performance reporting offered by Practice Greenhealth, go to:


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