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Premier White Paper on Energy Efficiency featuring Geisinger

Energy costs are soaring exponentially (as much as 60 percent in some regions), sapping ever-valuable dollars from vital patient care activities and consuming up to 3 percent of hospital’s total operating budgets and up to at least 15 percent of their annual profits. Worse, billions of dollars are wasted annually because hospitals’ may not have energy-efficient building systems. Compounding matters is the fact that access to capital has become more strained and expensive throughout the recession, making it challenging for hospitals to pursue necessary upgrades.

There has never been a better time for healthcare executives to take a leadership role in investing in energy efficiency. 
There are proven energy efficient initiatives that can positively — and relatively quickly — impact your hospital’s bottom line. Up to 30 percent of a hospital’s consumed energy can be saved at little or no cost, without sacrificing the quality of care through energy efficient technologies and improved management practices. 2 Even in an
environment of tight funding, there are many ways to finance improvements. And, investments in energy efficiency are among the soundest ones today. Most energy projects yield a one- to five-year payback, which translates to a yield of 20 to 100 percent with little or no risk.


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