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Practice Greenhealth offers pharmaceutical disposal guidance

There is increased concern over pharmaceuticals in waterways. There are “no drugs down the drain” rules in certain states. And harm can come from unauthorized access to controlled substances and the resulting wastage. Health care facilities must address these issues and ensure alignment with DEA and EPA regulations as well as local rules. So Practice Greenhealth and a team of stakeholders developed a guidance document to support hospitals and clinicians in managing controlled substances and the resulting wastage.

The Practice Greenhealth document, Best practices for disposal of controlled substances, summarizes and builds upon the September 2014 promulgation of the DEA rule on the disposal of controlled substances. Practice Greenhealth is appreciative of work group members Matthew J. Huray, Kaiser Permanente NEH&S principal consultant, Charlotte A. Smith, PharmEcology Waste Management sustainability services senior regulatory advisor, and Bob Spurgin, Spurgin & Associates president, for their efforts and commitment to safety and health in the development of the guidance document.

Join Practice Greenhealth at 1 p.m. ET March 26 for a free webinar examining the impact of the recently released EPA hazardous waste pharmaceutical regulations on future management of controlled substance returns and wastage and to walkthrough the new guidance document.

Participants who could benefit from this webinar include staff in sustainability, pharmacy, safety, compliance, risk management, and waste management. Smith will lead the webinar and answer questions.


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