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OnSite Waste Solutions

OnSite Waste Solutions, a Practice Greenhealth member since 2011, provides a variety of waste reduction services and recycling solutions for hospitals. Along with traditional recycling equipment such as balers, compactors, and glass crushers, OnSite offers a proprietary solution to reduce food waste on site by 85% to 93% in volume.

OnSite strives to help Practice Greenhealth member hospitals achieve their goals of reducing waste volume, associated costs as well as meet their sustainability goals. Before the end of this year, OnSite also expects to offer a proprietary on site solution that reduces red-bag waste by approximately 90%, in addition to providing waste audits and waste reduction consulting services.

“OnSite’s mission is to bring innovative technologies for sustainability to the marketplace,” said Bill Krahel, founder of OnSite Waste Solutions. “Because reducing waste, carbon footprint, and energy use is central to Practice Greenhealth’s mission, it made sense for us to join.”

Many hospitals don’t have the time to focus on their own waste streams and increasing waste costs. Often, when they look closely, they will find they’re overcharged, have too-frequent pickups, or don’t sort waste appropriately to reduce costs. OnSite Waste Solutions can help right size hospitals with a waste audit, that can result in reduced traffic congestion (by reducing pickups), cost-savings due to correct sorting of waste and changes in waste hauling, and increased recycling. Many facilities will be able to achieve 30-50% reduction in their waste streams almost overnight as well as reducing their waste hauling costs by 25+% and generating new revenue streams from their recyclables.

Food waste typically makes up 20-40% of waste in a facility. To drive that number down to zero, OnSite can provide a state-of-the-art solution. OnSite Waste Solution’s EcoVim food waste reduction system provides a rapid solution for converting food waste to a useful organic soil amendment and usable water while reducing greenhouse gas emissions when compared with composting. The EcoVim system dehydrates the food waste to approximately 10% of its original volume, without adding water, enzymes, or microbes. The equipment can also process certain biodegradable food ware. The EcoVim solutions come in a variety of sizes to meet the waste processing requirements of customers. EcoVim is simple to install and simple to operate. Installation is straight-forward; electrical power and a small drain or water capture system. The equipment footprint is relative small and can be located inside or outside depending on the facility. Energy-efficiency is key: each cycle processing is just a few dollars to process 250 pounds of food waste into 25 pounds of organic soil amendment. You can also reduce the frequency of wet waste pickup significantly with our EcoVim technology – one more way OnSite Waste can help mitigate your ever increasing waste hauler expenses and green your organization.


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