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New Practice Greenhealth Facility Member Benefit

GGHH Connect - The Internet hub for global health care sustainability

We are excited to bring you GGHH Connect, a new benefit for Practice Greenhealth member hospitals and health systems:

Practice Greenhealth is the sole U.S. member of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH), a worldwide network of hospitals and health systems coordinated by our sister organization, Health Care Without Harm. As a result, all Practice Greenhealth hospital and health system members have access to GGHH Connect, an innovative, online social platform.

With GGHH Connect, you can access a community of 527 health care organizations, representing over 12,500 hospitals from 32 countries engaged in reducing their environmental footprint.

Connect with your colleagues around the world to learn about:

  • Engaging nurses in sustainability in the UK.
  • Large-scale energy efficiency investments at hospitals in Australia.
  • Low emission ambulances and hospital vehicles in Europe.
  • Reducing OR emissions in Taiwan.
  • Geothermal Energy at Hospitals in Morocco.
  • And myriad other projects from leading hospitals, health systems, and experts.

GGHH Connect provides access for you to:

  • Crowd source questions about your projects and receive advice on successful implementation from members and experts near and far.
  • Visit community spaces and discussion forums focused on topics ranging from energy, to buildings, to waste, and more…allowing members to access people and information specific to their interests and projects.
  • Learn about the latest cutting-edge work taking place on every continent to fuel future ideas and plans for your facility.
  • Inspire and educate others with your experience and expertise.
  • Case Studies | Access a library of case studies documenting successful projects from hospitals and health systems from every continent.
  • GGHH Guidance Documents | Comprehensive, with a global focus, GGHH guidance documents introduce you to a GGHH Goal area, provide suggested action items and activities to move you towards your goal, and point to tools, resources, and case studies that can help you plan and implement a new program at your institution.

Click here to sign up for an account and take advantage of this great tool and benefit for you, our Practice Greenhealth health care members.


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