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Market Transformation Group preparing for October 29 meeting in Boston

The more than fifteen health systems participating in the Market Transformation Group, a joint effort to transform the health care supply chain towards more sustainable products, technologies, and services organized by Practice Greenhealth and Health Care Without Harm, are preparing for the upcoming in-person meeting in Boston on October 29.

Health systems have been invited to attend one or more of the following activities: An evening welcome reception the day before to celebrate their successes; the Safer Chemicals Engagement Initiative Meeting, a business networking lunch and tour of Partners Rehabilitation Hospital and the Less Meat, Better Meat Engagement Initiative. While agendas are still in development, the Safer Chemicals portion of the day-long meeting will provide opportunities to work with GPOs to facilitate information collection and sharing in support of the Healthier Hospitals Safer Chemicals Challenge, specifically the healthy interiors goal and PVC/DEHP-reduction goal. The Less Meat, Better Meat afternoon session will work with producers/manufacturers, distributors, foodservice management companies and GPOs to facilitate increased production, procurement and tracking of meat and poultry raised without routine, non-therapeutic antibiotics in support of meeting the Food Challenge goal of Healthier Hospitals.

Download this 1-pager or contact Janet Howard at for more information.


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