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Member Spotlight: Gundersen Health System Transforming Blue Wrap from Waste into Useable Products

When Gundersen Health System needs to wrap instrument trays in blue wrap for use in the OR, they’ve found a way to reuse it thanks to a unique partnership. Gundersen knew there had to be ways to reuse blue wrap and considered working with a vendor to create tote bags, but the option was not financially or environmentally sound. Then, they connected with Coulee Region RSVP—a volunteer program for people age 55 and up that has a long-standing relationship with Gundersen.

Volunteers from Coulee Region RSVP’s handcrafts program created patterns to turn the discarded blue wrap into usable items. The volunteers sew Gundersen’s blue wrap into tote bags, aprons for adult and pediatric cancer patients to use as they do crafts during chemo treatments, craft bags to hold supplies, small cinch bags to hold personal items for hospital patients and wheelchair and walker bags used in therapy departments.

Gundersen and Coulee Region RSVP say the program is a win-win. It keeps materials out of the waste stream by finding a new use for them, and engages more volunteers to become involved in the community.


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