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Market Transformation Group: Less Meat, Better Meat Engagement Initiative

Twelve participating health systems joined a virtual meeting on July 9 to learn and share progress towards purchasing meat and poultry produced without routine, non-therapeutic antibiotics. Additionally, these participants invite guest speakers ranging from producers and manufacturers to other supply chain partners to help them overcome barriers in production, access, procurement and tracking of these foods. Tyson Foods joined this month’s call and shared important updates about their antibiotic use policy as well as the changes and commitment the company has made to eliminate the use of antibiotics important for human medicine.

These same health systems will meet again virtually in September to share updates and hear from guest speakers that can address barriers to tracking and reporting progress on this initiative.

The Market Transformation Group (MTG) is a working group convened by Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) and Practice Greenhealth with the primary goal of leveraging the aggregate buying power of participating health systems in order to accelerate the transformation of the health care supply chain towards more sustainable products, technologies and services. Membership in the MTG is limited to hospitals and health systems that are members of Practice Greenhealth. Suppliers, distributors, group purchasing organizations and other relevant parties may be invited by the MTG to participate in webinars, conference calls and in-person meetings but are not eligible for membership in the MTG. Download this 1-pager for more information or contact Janet Howard at


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