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Jumping Waves with Aunt Frances

Janet Howard, Director of Member Engagement Practice Greenhealth and Director of Healthier Hospitals

March 22 is World Water Day - As a pisces, I have always been a water person. Before I knew how to swim, I would wear a “bubble” (that’s what we called it), which was a strapped-on styrofoam (uh oh) float that held me up.  My family would laugh because my legs never stopped moving, like i was pedaling a bike in the water. My legs would just go go go. When I learned to swim, I loved the weightlessness—floating and letting swells lift me up and then put me down again. I loved to dive down deep and explore the underworld. One of my earliest water memories is at Jones Beach in Long Island, New York with my Aunt Frances. She would stand behind me, holding each of my hands, stretched over my head and we would jump the small waves together. In honor of World Water Day, meditate, ponder or reflect on your relationship with water.

Visualize a wonderful water experience you have had in your life.Give thanks for the life that water brings to our bodies and to our souls. Take the memories as nourishment and make those feelings actionable through furthering the focus on water management at your organization. Find support and assistance on Practice Greenhealth’s Less Water Page—Access the formal goal language, archived webinars, Get Started Guide, EPP language and poster templates that you can personalize to help inspire and engage others.   

Share your water ponderings with us. Nourish the soul first and then be sure to give back to the planet and to human health—through responsible water use at your facility.


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