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Hospitals Demonstrate Support for Greening the Supply Chain

Health care organizations representing over 145 hospitals have signed the “EPP Pledge” to demonstrate support for and a commitment to environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) in health care.

Signers of the EPP Pledge agree to consider the Standardized Environmental Questions for Medical Products, Version 1.0 in their purchasing processes in at least one contract in a year’s time. These questions can apply to thousands of products that are used to care for patients. These environmental questions reflect 13 key attributes that should be asked in the value analysis process or in RFIs/RFPs to identify products that use fewer natural resources, are free of chemicals of concern and/or generate less waste. Just asking the question is important step!

The Standardized Environmental Questions for Medical Products, Version 1.0, were developed by a collaborative of organizations with a goal to increase the purchase of environmentally preferable medical products by standardizing the key attributes. In addition to hospitals, five of the largest GPOs endorse the use of these Standardized Environmental Questions to support environmentally preferable purchasing. Signing the EPP Pledge is step one. Step two is to include the questions in a supply chain process and consider the environmental criteria. Through purchasing, health care can reduce environmental and human health impact of products and services and provide a safer and healthier environment for patients, healthcare workers and the surrounding communities.

Join the list! Click here to sign the Pledge, and click here to view the list of EPP Pledge signers. To download a copy the Standardized Environmental Questions for Medical Products, click here.

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