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The Green Influence

Special Guest Contributors:

People are excited by sustainability because of the newfound passion around linking human activity to planetary implications which affect the prosperity of the communities we live. Iqbal Mian, Lean Leader-Sustainability at Ministry Health Care has been implementing sustainable practices into health care for seven years while Zach Eichhorst, Sustainability Ambassador and a rising senior at Lawrence University (Appleton, WI), shifted his clinical interest to triple bottom line thinking in relation to overall health care operations. This sustainability duo partnered up to champion the Greening the OR initiative and engage all local stakeholders to drive improvement.

Both Mian and Eichhorst are well versed in lean methodologies. This spurred curiosity and drove the asking of questions around root-cause, space and energy utilization, and best practices (checklist via Practice Greenhealth) within the ORs at their facilities. In their journey of collecting data to understand the current state, ah-ha moments encountered by team members ranged from opportunities in occupancy behaviors, air exchange rates tethered to OR scheduling, the use of 5s visual management to maintain equipment to cleanliness practices to ensure minimized bacteria levels.

For Eichhorst, the switch from clinical to operational excellence was an advantageous transition as his scientific background gave insight into holistic processes within the facility and system. His appreciation for the natural world and the patient experience continues in his newfound role. For Mian, coming from an operational background into a clinical setting with Greening the OR was equally rewarding and eye opening. In working cross functionally, the easiest realization was that associates all wanted to do the right thing for the patient and the environment; the how was just a matter of getting the right people in the same room.

Learn more about Iqbal and Zach’s sustainability journey with Ministry Health Care at the Greening the OR Symposium on September 24.

Click here for the Greening the OR Symposium.


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