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Finding Sustainable Products and Services

Need an architect experienced with designing energy-efficient hospitals or need to find a supplier for a PVC-free medical device? Interested in what products can help your facility win a Practice Greenhealth award?

The Practice Greenhealth Supplier Directory allows you to search for sustainable products and services that will help your facility meet its goals and contribute to the facility’s award application. Searchable by keyword, product or service type, or supplier name, each listing explains the environmental advantages of the product or service.

As suppliers work to green their own operations and supply chains, more and more products are made with fewer toxic chemicals, alternative energy, or other attributes that positively affect the communities where materials are extracted, transported, or manufactured. ‘

Check out the Supplier Directory and see if you can find:

  • Which firm participated in the design of the first health care project to certify under the LEED program.
  • Which company recycles or reuses 90 percent of production materials.
  • Which OR instrument is made with 69 percent plant-based material.
  • Which MRI offers energy use 24 percent lower than the industry average.
  • Which products are cradle to cradle certified.
  • Which companies offer services to gather the data for your Practice Greenhealth award application.


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