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Employee Engagement and Sustainability- A Winning Combo

According to a 2010 Towers Watson Global Workforce study, only about half of the 20,000 health care survey respondents expressed a generally favorable view of their organization's leadership. Here’s what employees sought out of leadership: that leadership is trustworthy and that they care about the well-being of others. The year 2015 marks the first time the millennial generation will outnumber their older colleagues in the U.S. workforce. They are not driven by salary alone and seek an employer that cares about its impact. Sustainability programming is a vehicle for employee engagement and starting to take shape in early-adopting facilities.

In September, the Practice Greenhealth Member Engagement team is releasing a members-only toolkit including a white paper, twelve case studies, literature review, power point and two Important calls: A sharing call with Paul Spiegelman, co author of “The Patient Comes Second” and Chief Culture Officer at Stericycle and Practice Greenhealth’s Signature Series Web-share, featuring employee engagement expert Bob Willard. Invite Human Resources, your sustainability team, administration and marketing to this trending topic to maximize value for your organization. A healthy environment demonstrates a concern for staff well-being. Engaging staff helps take programs to the next level and maximizes return - on cost savings, staff retention, satisfaction and health. Watch for the release of the membership-only toolkit in September and register for the calls.


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