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Business Membership Update

Practice Greenhealth is changing the way we work with businesses that supply products and services to the health care sector. We are phasing out our paid business membership.

We are committed to expanding our hospital membership and to developing programs and projects that will entail more active and focused collaboration among hospital members and businesses/companies that supply products and services to our health care provider members.

It is our hope that the elimination of a paid business membership category will enable Practice Greenhealth to diversify and deepen its engagement with businesses in a number of new and innovative ways that are being designed to:

  • Encourage innovation and environmental leadership.
  • Bring health care providers and suppliers to the health care sector together in targeted initiatives that address joint interests in all areas of sustainability.
  • Leverage our growing hospital / health care provider membership and the market influence it has to generate greater market demand for environmentally preferable products and services.
  • Provide even greater value to our hospital members.
  • Foster the ever-increasing understanding that environmental stewardship is good business.

We’ll enhance existing programs, such as the Business Leadership Coalition, Total Cost of Ownership project, the EPP Supporter Program, the Greening the Supply Chain and Greening the OR Initiatives, and Practice Greenhealth’s Healthier Hospitals market transformation work. We’re excited about the possibilities these collaborations will bring for the future.

We’re confident that this decision will result in us providing more focused, effective ways of advancing health care sustainability across the sector—sustainability that fosters healthy people, a healthy planet, and healthy profits.

Please contact Janet Howard, 866.598.2110, Lara Sutherland, 866.598.2210,with any questions or thoughts you may have.


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