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2016 Environmental Excellence Awards Tools and Tips

Christopher Bodkin, Data Coordinator for Sector Performance

The Environmental Excellence Awards are now open, and ready for you to begin applications for the 2016 season. Hospitals, business suppliers to health care and others in the sector—especially Practice Greenhealth members—are dedicated to providing safer, healthier work environments and exemplify a pride found among those who value the well-being of their patients, employees, and the environment within the communities they serve. The deadline for 2016 Awards is Friday, February 26 at 5:00 p.m. PST. 

By now, we hope you are aware the 2016 Environmental Excellence Awards are open and ready for you to begin a new awards application. If you need assistance beginning an application or if you are applying for the first time, be sure to reach out to your member engagement liaison and/or our awards technical assistance at or (888) 378-2259. Below,are some frequently asked questions for the 2016 awards cycle.

How do I transfer my previous year’s data into this year’s application?

Practice Greenhealth continues to try and streamline the data entry process. The data import feature allows you to bring forward some portion of last year’s application data. When you arrive at your awards dashboard and select the “Start a new Application” button, you will be brought to a page where you can select your application type. Once you have selected the application type, you will notice a checkbox beneath the application type that asks if you would like to import previous year responses. Check this box. Keep in mind you can only import data if you filled out the same application type the previous year as you are filling out this year.

How do I invite team members to work on an application?

Building an award-winning environmental stewardship program takes participation from across the organization. Practice Greenhealth is encouraging involving your institution in the application process. To invite other users to the application, the site leader (client administrator) can go to their dashboard, and there is a “Users” section (below the application section) where you will see a link labeled “Invite users to this Business Unit.” Once you click this you will be brought to a page where you can enter up to five email addresses separated by commas. This process can be repeated as many times as needed to add additional users from across the hospital. You can also request via the email that a user be added to the account.

How do I enter my non-RCRA – Pharmaceutical Waste?

New this year, Non-RCRA Pharmaceutical Waste data will be captured in the category in which it is being treated/disposed. If the facility is segregating and collecting Non-RCRA Pharmaceutical Waste and disposing of it as SOLID WASTE(such as sending to a municipal waste incinerator), please enter Non-RCRA Pharm Waste data in Table A. Solid Waste on the Waste page.

If Non-RCRA Pharmaceutical Waste is disposed of as REGULATED MEDICAL WASTE (such as sent to a RMW incinerator), please enter Non-RCRA Pharmaceutical Waste data in Table C. Regulated Medical Waste on the Waste page.


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