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2016 Awards Tools and Tips

The deadline for awards is Friday, February 26 at 5:00 PST, and we want to do everything we can to make the process smooth for you. We hear some people have been experiencing difficulty accessing their awards applications - this might help you with your login process.

Why is it saying my email is not recognized when I try to login in to the Awards Application website? 

The link to access Award Applications is This is a different web platform than the Practice Greenhealth website ( and may have a different password than your Practice Greenhealth login--although we recommend setting both up with the same email and password. This year, many users have mistakenly tried to log into the Practice Greenhealth website instead of the award application website to access their applications. Please check the web address and ensure you are on the application site before contacting the awards hotline. If you continue having problems please contact Christopher Bodkin or call 888.378.2259.

How is the Green Cleaning data entry different from last year?

In 2016, we are asking that you identify all types of cleaning chemicals being used by the organization (green-certified or not) and then document the dollars spent on that cleaning chemical type at your organization during 2015. For each type of cleaning product your organization selects, a table will appear in which you need to enter two numbers--a value for spend on green-certified products and a value for spend on conventional products for that particular product category. The table will auto-calculate your total cleaning chemical spend and your percentage of green spend for that category. If you are using 100 percent green-certified chemicals for a product category, you MUST enter a zero for conventional cleaning chemicals in the table. If you are using 100 percent conventional cleaning chemicals for a product category, you MUST enter a zero for green cleaning chemical spend. No points will be awarded for rows with incomplete information.     

Where can I access PDFs of the blank 2016 applications?

Do you need to share individual award pages with your team? Blank PDFs of all 2016 award applications can be accessed at:

What is the deadline for Practice Greenhealth Awards applications?

The applications close February 26, 2016 at 5:00PM PST.


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