Sustainability solutions for health care

Practice Greenhealth is the leading membership and networking organization for sustainable health care, delivering environmental solutions to hospitals and health systems across the United States.

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Promote green and healthy health care facility design, construction, renovation and operations in order to minimize environmental impacts and foster restorative and sustainable healing environments.

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Work with health care to eliminate harmful chemicals or substitute them with safer alternatives while minimizing chemical exposure of patients, health care workers, communities, and the environment.

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Climate and Health

Health systems and health professionals are implementing business-smart initiatives that also protect their communities from increased diseases and more frequent extreme weather events caused by climate change.

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Accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency while promoting clean, renewable energy in health care, mobilizing the sector as a leader for a healthy energy future for all.

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Engaged Leadership

Almost 90 percent of the top-performing institutions in our sustainability benchmark report have an executive-level champion at the top of the reporting structure.

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Promote, purchase, and serve sustainably grown, healthy food to improve environmental health, build better food systems, and address the upstream social and economic determinants of non-communicable diseases.

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Greening the OR

Though a tiny percentage of a hospital’s total physical footprint, operating rooms can drive big facilities’ cost savings and efficiency improvements through smart, incremental, sustainable practices.

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Sustainable Procurement

Sustainability professionals and purchasing managers should work together to embed sustainability into purchasing processes and engage suppliers to provide innovative, sustainable products with a reduced impact on human health and the environment.

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Promote transportation strategies for patients, their families, and staff that support healthier local and regional transport systems while reducing health care's environmental impact.

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Promote zero waste policies, reduce the volume and toxicity of waste produced by the health care sector, and implement safe, sustainable disposal options as alternatives to incineration.

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Reducing water consumption is a great place for hospitals and health systems to start improving their environmental impact and sustainability practices.

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News & Updates

Celebrating the 2022 Climate and Health Innovation Award recipient

11 May 2022

The 2022 Climate and Health Innovation Award recipient is Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, in acknowledgement of their groundbreaking technology to capture waste anesthetic gas for recycling and reuse.

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Mitchell named Health Care Without Harm’s 2022 Environmental Health Hero

10 May 2022

Harold Mitchell, ReGenesis Community Development Corporation founder and executive director, is the recipient of Health Care Without Harm’s highest honor, the 2022 Environmental Health Hero Award.

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Dr. Kathy Murphy honored with 2022 Charlotte Brody Award for environmental nursing leadership

9 May 2022

Health Care Without Harm and the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments are proud to present Dr. Kathy Murphy with the 2022 Charlotte Brody Award for exemplary environmental nursing leadership.

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